• Stop your vehicle if it is clear, safe and legal.
  • Move the vehicle out of the traveled roadway, if it is clear, safe and legal.
  • Turn off the ignitions of the cars involved.
  • Make a first aid check of all persons involved in the accident.
  • Call the police and, if necessary, emergency medical services.
  • Mark the scene of the accident with flares or retroreflective triangles.
  • Gather the names* of all persons in the motor vehicles and people who witnessed the accident.
  • Make a quick diagram of where the vehicle occupants were seated and indicate the vehicles' direction of travel and lane. Also note the date, time and weather conditions.
  • Ask to see the other driver's license* and write down the number.
  • Exchange insurance company information. DO NOT discuss "fault" or make statements about the accident to anyone but the police.
  • Get a copy of the police report of the accident from the local police station.
  • Ask your friends or relatives for repair shop recommendations.
  • Call your Insurance Representative.

It's your Car - It's your choice!

Choosing A Collision And Refinish Centre
As the owner of a motor vehicle damaged in an accident, you have the right to choose the shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired. This is the Law!

Do I Need More Than One Estimate?
No. Do not waste your time or that of several shops receiving estimates. Select a repair facility that you feel comfortable with, then notify your agent or insurance company, or ask the shop to make the call on your behalf. Your insurer, or adjuster may have to inspect the damage. This can be done at an insurance drive-in claim centre or at the shop you have chosen.

Notify Your Insurance Company
Before authorizing any repairs notify your insurance company or agent, and tell them where the damaged vehicle can be inspected.

Is the Work Guaranteed?
Most collision and repair centres guarantee their collision work to some degree, which may not include the paint job. Ask to see a copy of the shop's guarantee and have any information you do not understand clarified.

Qualified Collision And Refinish Centres
Look for signs that indicate repair technician training and certification. Membership in professional trade associations and the Better Business Bureau indicate the shop is keeping up with the latest repair procedures.

Know Your Shop
Make sure the shop you choose:

  • Maintains a reliable, professional reputation.
  • Is properly equipped and organized to meet today's more technical repairing needs.
  • Maintains specialized equipment and systems at peak performance.
  • Have technicians that are thoroughly trained and certified. Shop cleanliness can say a lot about the technicians' attitudes, so can friendliness and atmosphere. If you feel comfortable with the shop and it's people, chances are you'll be satisfied with their work.

Inspect The Repairs
Before driving away:

  • Check the appearance of the repaired area - close-up and from a distance.
  • Examine the paint for colour match, texture and overspray.
  • Take a test-drive to check mechanical repairs.
  • Check that the vehicle is clean.
  • If you are not satisfied, mention your concerns immediately.

Dear Potential Customer:
If you would like us to repair your car please say so. We would be glad to call your agent on your behalf.

Insurance Claims?
If you have had an automobile accident and are not sure if you should file a claim with your insurance company or pay for the repairs yourself, check out the “When to report your accident” article on InsuranceHotline.com. This website will give you some great information to help you determine your options.

Whether you choose to file an insurance claim or pay for the damages yourself, the team at Whiticar Auto Body have been serving the auto body repair needs of this community since 1972 and have the experience to do whatever is right for your personal needs.

When an accident does occur, stress and confusion often can cloud your decision making. Be prepared!! Know your rights as a motorist in Ontario.

Statistics show that on average you will make a car insurance claim every 7 years.

Tell your insurance company that you choose Whiticar Auto Body.

Whiticar Auto Body’s customer care representative will contact your insurance company, help you with the sometimes complicated claims procedures and complete all of the paperwork required to start the claims process. We will assist you with the tow truck and rental car arrangements if required.

The damage analysis team at Whiticar Auto Body will get to work to systematically remove the damaged parts from your vehicle to enable a complete and thorough estimate to identify all of the damages. Then our skilled technicians can get to work restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Whiticar Auto Body will help our clients by operating efficiently to make the collision repair process as seamless and hassle free as possible, saving time and money for everyone.

Why do our customers trust Whiticar Auto Body? Because we adhere to a strict set of repair standards, regulations and code of conduct which has earned us a reputation of professionalism, respect and honesty in our community.

Tell your insurance company that you choose Whiticar Auto Body to repair your vehicle.

It’s Your Car---- Its your choice where it gets repaired.

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